Protracker Effect Commands

This is a compact list of all the effect commands in Protracker 2.3D, 3.15, and probably up to 4.0 and beyond, and also keyboard shortcuts.
Most of them are also valid for Soundtracker, Noisetracker, and PC trackers. Most likely, the differences will be in the 9xx, Bxx, Dxx, and Exx commands.

Command list

0 - Normal play or Arpeggio             0xy : x-first halfnote add, y-second
1 - Slide Up                            1xx : upspeed
2 - Slide Down                          2xx : downspeed
3 - Tone Portamento                     3xx : up/down speed
4 - Vibrato                             4xy : x-speed,   y-depth
5 - Tone Portamento + Volume Slide      5xy : x-upspeed, y-downspeed
6 - Vibrato + Volume Slide              6xy : x-upspeed, y-downspeed
7 - Tremolo                             7xy : x-speed,   y-depth
9 - Set SampleOffset                    9xx : offset (23 -> 2300)
A - VolumeSlide                         Axy : x-upspeed, y-downspeed
B - Position Jump                       Bxx : songposition
C - Set Volume                          Cxx : volume, 00-40
D - Pattern Break                       Dxx : break position in next patt
F - Set Speed___________________________Fxx : speed (00-1F) / tempo (20-FF)

E9- Retrig Note                         E9x : retrig from note + x vblanks

Other Exx commands:

E00/1=filter on/off - E1x/2x=FineSlide Up/Down - E30/1=tonep ctrl off/on
E40/1/2=Vib Waveform sine/rampdown/square, E70/1/2=Tremolo Waveform
E5x=set loop point,E6x=jump to loop+play x times
EAx/EBx=Fine volslide up/down
ECx/EDx=notecut after x vblanks/notedelay by x vblanks
EEx/EFx=PatternDelay by x notes/Invert loop, x=speed

Keyboard shortcuts

Right Alt, Right Amiga, Right Shift = Play Song, Play pattern, Record
qwerty... = Play notes C-2, D-1...
F1-F2 = toggle high/low octave on the qwerty
Shift+F3/F4/F5 = Cut/Copy/Paste track
Alt+F3/F4/F5 = Cut/Copy/Paste whole pattern
Ctrl+B/X/C/F = Block Mark,cut,copy,paste (overwriting, not inserting, use shift+Enter to make space.)
Shift/Alt+Enter: Insert blank notestep in track/pattern.
Shift/Alt+Backspace: Delete notestep in track/pattern
Shift+Delete: Clear whole notestep (both note and effect command part)
Ctrl+Delete: Clear notestep only
Alt+Delete: Clear effect command only
Shift/Ctrl/Alt+arrowleft/right = songpos,instrument,pattern up/down
F6-F10 = jump to position 0,16,32,48,63 of pattern
Ctrl+F6-F10 = play pattern from position 0,16,32,48,63 of pattern
Shift+F6-F10 = reprogram(!) that F-key to the position you're standing on. Go to position 0, 16, 32, 48 or 63 and press the same key again to set it back.