How I got an Amiga

At first I couldn't afford one; the Amiga 500 wasn't expensive, but I had bought about two different home computers per year every year, from my earnings as a teenage computer magazine columnist.
I biked through heavy, thick snow to a mate every day after school and across the winter holidays to check out the new releases. <3 Probably my eyes glowed with envy even brighter than the red LED. :D
During these insufferable weeks, I coded my first demo which was actually for the MSX. I remember also building a 4-bit sampler for it and recording TheEgg sample from his Amiga. I also did all the things on my mate's Amiga: blues song in Soundtracker, crappy graphics in Deluxe Paint, Assembler coding in SEKA, some cheesy demo using OS libraries. :)
But before the snow could melt, I had my own and formed my fondest memories. I discovered the Demoscene on my mate's Amiga, and took part for real as soon as I got my own. :)
Ever since then, when I see the coppershades in the sky in - about the same time of year as of writing (I've already spotted them!) - winter brings about an urge to cozy up in a room with an Amiga every year.
About two years later I bought another Amiga, actually another Amiga 500, and it had a green LED. This would be late 1990 or 1991. I know I tried ParNet at some point, and I played Stunt Car Racer with my brother, but I can't remember the exact reason why two Amiga 500s in that time.
And when I moved to England late 1991, I bought a, you guessed it, Amiga 500 there. Still have that one and the Swedish green LED one. At work I used an extremely dirty A500 and an A3000D with its excellent monitor.
When I wasn't at my Amiga at work or at home, I was reading ... Amiga magazines. Got a comment from my (Amiga coder) flatmate alluding to, "...are you all right?" :D
These years were the heyday of the Amiga as a shining beacon, and I'm forever glad I was there through them. <3
No nostalgic tears though, because I'm still here, and I still have an Amiga in my room. ;)