Here are some useful tools, reference documents, links to manuals, and things you might need in order to run demos on your Amiga, set up a coding environment, or learn to code the Amiga's hardware - and also some helpful Assembly sources to get you going.
Tip: If you're getting started on Amiga - see the How to... box below for how to get stuff transferred and running.


ASMSKOOL Project Directory (for the Youtube series)
Photon's MiniStartup.S (the demo template that I use. Also used in the Youtube series and articles)
Example sources (useful snippets)
Include files (optimized Commodore-Amiga includes from 1991 for Asm-One)


AsmTwo (Asm-One modded to enhance editing, stability, etc on all Amigas, as used in my Youtube series. Gets updated irregularly, latest stable is always this link.)
Asm-One 1.48 and AsmPro 1.17 (68020+/FPU support, syntax highlighting, etc.)
Protracker 2.3D ADF (make music)
Protracker 2.3F (as above, with fixes for fast Amigas etc.)
More Protrackers (executables)
ClassicWB Lite (includes Deluxe Paint IV for drawing graphics)
P6112 ("The Player" Protracker playroutine v610.12)
Nibbler (the cruncher with unmatched decompression speed used in the ACA500 expansion)


ST-01 instrument disks (classic sampled sounds for Protracker, etc.)
Photon's Sorted Instruments (basses, snares, strings, etc.)
Photon's Sorted Instruments #2 (another collection)
PT-01 (a recently sampled series)


System Programmer's Guide (teaches the Amiga hardware and OS, with Assembler examples)
Asm-One Manual (teaches how to use all Asm-One Assemblers and the 68000 instruction set)
Deluxe Paint 3 manual
Photon's Cheat Sheet (a useful PDF with cycles timings, hardware descriptions, etc)


My collection of Demo Disk Archives (286MB) (for use with Gotek or floppies)
Useful helpers (for running demos from harddisk, A500 tools, etc.)

How to start assembling as fast as possible

Underlined parts are important.
  • Download WinUAE, Quickstart > Start, F12, enable Chipset > Cycle-Exact
  • Download AsmTwo, create folder C:\DH2 and put it there
  • CD & Hard Drives > Add Directory or archive > Name RootPC, Device DH2, select folder
  • Configurations > give the config a name, Save
  • double-click the saved configuration, type AsmTwo at the prompt :)

If/when you have an Amiga:

  • get a CF card solution + card (2GB SanDisk/Lexar or other Amiga-compatible brand/size)
  • partition the card on the Amiga with hdtoolbox to 2 x 980MB partitions
  • in WinUAE, CD & Hard Drives > Add Hard Drive, select CF card, name Root, device DH0
  • boot Workbench 3.1 Install disk, Ctrl+D, type format drive DH0 name Root ffs noicons quick
  • reboot to floppy, install. Now you can code on the Amiga and backup files to C:\DH2 :)

Note: If you have an Amiga 500, ACA500/Plus solves the "chicken-or-egg" file transfer dilemma and makes this process fast and easy.
For more information about emulation, see Get Started with WinUAE.

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