Here are some useful tools, reference documents, links to manuals, and things you might need in order to run demos on your Amiga, set up a coding environment, or learn to code the Amiga's hardware - and also some helpful Assembly sources to get you going.

How to use these files

  • Download WinUAE, Quickstart > Start, F12, tick Chipset > Cycle-Exact
  • Download AsmOne, create folder C:\DH2 and put it there
  • CD & Hard Drives > Add Directory or archive > Name RootPC, Device DH2, select folder
  • Configurations > give the config a name, Save
  • double-click the saved configuration, type AsmOne at the prompt :)

If/when you have an Amiga:

  • get a CF card solution + SanDisk/Lexar (or other Amiga-compatible brand) 2GB card
  • partition the card on the Amiga, hdtoolbox > 2 x 980MB partitions
  • in WinUAE, CD & Hard Drives > Add Hard Drive, select CF card, name Root, device DH0
  • boot Workbench install disk, Ctrl+D, type format drive DH0 name Root ffs noicons quick
  • reboot the disk, install Workbench, and copy files CF <-> C:\DH2 :)

Underlined parts are important. For more information, see Get Started with WinUAE.


Asm-One 1.02+
AsmTwo beta
Protracker 2.3D ADF
Music programs (Reference versions of Protracker)


ST-01 / ST-xx: The good old, officially distributed instrument series for Protracker, Soundtracker, etc.
Photon's Sorted Instruments (Bass, Snares, Strings, etc.)
Photon's Sorted Instruments #2, another collection
PT-01, a newly sampled instrument disk series


System Programmer's Guide (Teaches how to program the hardware and Amiga OS, with Assembler examples)
Asm-One 1.02 Manual, valid also for Asm-One 1.02+ and AsmTwo. (Teaches how the Asm-One Assembler is used, and how to use the 68000 instruction set)
Deluxe Paint 3 manual + graphics utility disk
Photon's Cheat Sheet, a digest of a few pages showing DMA timing, 68000 cycle timings and addressing modes, etc.


Photon's Demo Disk Archive, a 286MB collection of ADF+DMS files - (ADF-only converted version) - (browse contents) - (readme.txt)
Helpers for your A500 with harddisk/CF


ASMSKOOL Project Directory
Photon's MiniStartup.S (used in all Amiga Future demo coding articles)
Example sources and useful snippets
Tip: Also check out the sources and includes on your Asm-One floppy!