I made this site for Amiga demo coders, but the main goal is to provide articles on demo and game programming for the Amiga 500/1MB RAM fixed platform. It was very successful in its time and I hope it will get loved and used again.
Of course, all of the articles, online coding and optimizing tools are absolutely not just for this platform, but for all Amigas.

What is a 'Coppershade'?

It's a word I've used since the beginning for a gradient displayed by the Copper, as in "I need a coppershade below the glenz vector", or "I just need to make the font foreground color coppershade a bit more desaturated".
Such gradients can be used to create metallic "Copperbars", the illusion of a 3D floor, a shine or bevel effect on a title... It's a staple trick up your sleeve to make an effect or scene more enjoyable.
I named this site so because, to me, the word is a symbol for what makes the Amiga unique and evokes nice connotations and memories...

Resources & Friends

Over the years many Amiga resources have appeared and I intend to make this list longer. For now, here are at least a few links to start with:
Pouet - a demoscene site where people upload demos from all platforms.
BitWorld - Explore 30000+ Amiga 500 demos :)
English Amiga Board Coder's Forum - ask here and get help.
AmigaDev - Commodore programming books in an on-line format.


All content is Copyright 2018 Henrik Erlandsson and bitBrain Studios except where noted.
Code and binaries by me are granted free use with attribution as per the MIT License.
Other files hosted on this site (e.g., the ones listed on the Downloads page) are to be considered mirrors of files that are already publicly available on official Amiga sites such as Aminet. Most are external links, and I would appreciate reporting any broken links.

Useless tech info

I wrote my own CMS for this site in 227 lines of PHP code. It uses its own markup language and generates roughly 5.5K of HTML5 in about 0.0057s. (I put the bragging on this page because I didn't want to have an ugly footer on each page. This is my baby and I wanted it to be pure and coded in true democoder style!)