I've written articles on programming demo effects for Amiga Future Magazine since January 2015. The article series is called Developing Demo Effects and starts with simple, early effects. It continues until December 2016 with the latest effects.
They are pedagogical and explain the math, and complete effect sources come with each issue so you can run them and see. Available in English and German.

These are the topics covered so far:

  • Jan/Feb: System-friendly startup, plotting
  • Mar/Apr: Perspective, Chessboard
  • May/Jun: Double-buffering, sine, bob snakes, sine scroller
  • Jul/Aug: 3D calculations, line vectors, vector bobs
  • Sep/Oct: Filled vectors, track loader
  • Nov/Dec: Glenz vectors, interpolation, easing


  • Jan/Feb: AGA, Chunky modes, Rotozoomer

The English articles will find their way to this section on Coppershade in some form after each issue has had a chance to reach out. There are no current plans to add DDE articles to Coppershade.