If you're learning Assembler, nothing helps more than having a look at a few programming examples.

About the sources archive

Grab a few files in Asmskool's Sources Archive which contains snippets, includes, and a few full sources.
If you can set up your browser to display .S and .i files as text, you can browse them online.
About my older snippets: these are provided to just show how to perform a simple task, like reading the Time Of Day clock or start a Level 6 interrupt. There are two known routines that may cause trouble: The ChkKey and WtRas routines might not work in emulators or on certain accelerated CPUs. Apart from that, they're here because they're written in a very basic way suitable for ASMSKOOL.
There are also the routines I use today and I've uploaded the source for Block Boot and wrote how I made that tiny 1K intro.