The Commodore Amiga is a superlative computer first released in 1985. It far surpassed all other computers in the $2000 price range both with its OS and its extremely ambitious chipset, and even found competitive niches in the $5000+ graphics workstation market.
Some of us fell in love with its excellent hardware, software and OS. Perhaps you will see its genius and fall in love with it too?
A big part of what makes it fun to code for is that it's built around a genial chipset. As you get to know the chipset, you start to reap very big rewards, and it's possible to know it so well that you can write a program that runs optimally and can't be beaten. Will you be the first to code a certain effect perfectly?
Its dynamic design, a welcome change from its then limited-purpose competitors, also allows interesting tricks to be imagined. Will you be the one to make the seemingly impossible effect that stuns even the most experienced coders?

Why code for Amiga users?

What is a computer user, now that a flat screen that can fit in your pocket can do almost everything almost as fast and well as the most powerful personal computer?
I find myself reducing a powerful 4.5GHz computer to a browser and an email program, and playing games.
I use my Amigas as an escape from distractions and pop-ups. A limited computer made for creativity where everything is very direct.
For me, the limitations are the point. Compared to a powerful device of choice that can do anything and where everything is possible, it's easy to focus, and those who understand what you accomplish within the limitations appreciate your work.